what we do

Blue Net Chartering offers its liner customers access to a large variety of different container ships in all sizes from  700 upto 14,500 TEU and its owners clients tailor-made chartering and pool management services.

Due to the scale and scope of BNC’s operations, liner customers can be provided with flexible tonnage solutions and a leading quality level.

Based on the long-standing relationships with the liner customer side, a global shipping network and market leading research services, BNC provides its shipowner’ customers with a wide range of employment opportunities for their tonnage available in the world today.

our service offerings for

  • Brokerage services for single ships or fleets of vessels
  • Commercial management services including operations/post-fixture services
  • Pool management services
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our service offerings for
liner operators:

  • Access to a large number of containerships available for the spot and long term charter market from various different shipowners and shipmanagers
  • Ability to structure deals across various ship sizes / pools / short and long term / tonnage exchanges
  • 24/7 market coverage through offices in Hamburg and Singapore